News is surfacing today of a second shot at an American version of the BBC's Top Gear. This time with the History Channel instead of NBC. So many questions...


Tanner Faust, Adam Ferrara, and Rutledge Wood (who?). Tanner will be the expert driver. Adam the "funny" guy. And Rutledge... I have no idea. They guy commentates NASCAR apparently. I just hope he doesn't shit his pants when someone turns right in a review.


So far, all that was said is "next fall." So who knows. I would think spring would be a better time for it, but who knows. I imagine a lot has to be put in place for this kind of thing.

What are they going to review?

This will be interesting... I mean regular Top Gear has done just about every supercar ever, so what's left? Who wants to turn in to see constant reviews of American econoboxes? Interesting as it may be, it doesn't make for great TV. And I know that I wouldn't want to see Mustang vs Camaro in every episode, you know?

Will they have the same chemistry?

No way to know yet. Obviously the kind of chemistry that Richard, James, and Jeremy have is built through years of working very close together - so I can't imagine it is there right away - unless they try to get cute and force it. And that just might end very badly for them.

What will they be able to say?

One of the initial concerns about Top Gear in the US when it was first brought up was advertising. On the BBC Top Gear, they can say whatever they want about anything and don't really (appear to) have to answer to anyone. It makes for fantastic TV and great reviews. In the US, the advertisers control the TVs in many ways. So perhaps a specific car gets bad review... or a certain segment offends some people... oh, guess they all just pulled their advertising for the channel - we have to cancel the show now to save the channel. Fuck that. Restrictions from advertising will DESTROY THIS SHOW.

Who is going to be the American Stig?

Certainly they can't have someone like that and just call them the Stig II or something right? Probably can't even use the Stig's Fat American Cousin. It will likely end up being some NASCAR driver doing the testing. I just hope they can make him interesting.

Obviously there are a LOT more questions that will need answers. Where will their "test track" be? Are they going to keep the same format? What will be the "reasonably priced car"? Etc, etc.

I do see some promising things (IMO anyway): Jay Leno is not involved. The BBC is involved. It's on History, not NBC. And Tanner Faust can drive. Right now, that's all I got. We'll just have to see what happens from here. Frankly, I can't wait.