Yup. Going to CA again.

They need someone for one more week out there to help out while the new guy is back here in NY training. My turn again.

Will be going for another week, 4/11-4/17. The timing is kind of crappy in a way because I've been so busy lately. This includes going to Atlantic City this coming weekend for a bachelor party. I should get home from that on Saturday (4/10) but then have to finish packing and get up early the next day to catch a flight to CA.

Not all bad though I guess. Will try to get around and see a few more sights this time. Or if possible get to see a few during the day that I saw at night. Was cool to get around to everything at night last time (especially with some of the views) but I'd like to see them in the day too and maybe be able to snap a few pics that will turn out OK.

We'll see though.

Pretty much same plan as last time. Fly out Sunday morning. Arrive in CA Sunday afternoon. Work all week. Leave there Saturday morning and get in here Saturday night.