Last night was a bit more subdued compared to previous nights. We had one final meet at a Fuddruckers outside of town. This was almost entirely for one person who couldn't make it out to the Wednesday thing.

We just all met up at Fuddruckers for dinner and hung out for a while. Was pretty chill. And I was able to get back at a good time to relax and sleep.

It kind of wrapped up my week of visiting Scion people. Got to meet quite a few of them over the 3 days we hung out. Certainly beat sitting around in a hotel room all week, that's for sure. Made some new friends, got to see the sights, get some good food. What more do I need?

Actually I need to start packing to go home. Flying out of San Francisco tomorrow at 11:15. Figure that I'll be getting up around 7am to get around and shower and stuff. Shouldn't be too bad - though I'll be getting into Elmira around 10:30 that night. SFO to PHL will be like 5 hours, but it's OK. I feel like I'll be either sleeping (so tired still) or reading my new book. Two hour layover in PHL to get some food and then on my way to home.

It's been quite the trip. Can't thank the Nor*Cal Scions enough for showing an East Coast guy a good time. Hopefully we can do it again if I end up coming back...