When I'm in California, it's supposed to be super nice out. End of story. I want sun and warm temps with no wind and no bullshit.

Not this breezy/cool/rainy shit from last night. OK, it wasn't all bad... but was definitely not as nice as some other earlier days this week. Yesterday was a trip to San Jose for one of the weekly meets they have down there.

I ended up meeting Dray & Co. on the other side of the San Mateo bridge last night. Stashed my car at a Target just on the other side of the bridge and headed out. This was for a regular meet here and people had been warned to show up or face the "consequences" of their decisions.

Thankfully there was an OK turn out and people are safe... for now. We stopped for food once we actually got to the spot - hit up some L&L Hawaiian BBQ. Yet another place that we don't have at home. Thinking about it, I don't think there's anything Hawaiian at all at home. I ended up having some sort of fried chicken - not what you're thinking though - not like KFC-kind of fried. This was totally different. Was pretty good though.

As we sat down to eat, people started rolling in there to grab some food too... so I kind of ended up alternating taking a couple bites of chicken and then getting up to meet a couple people as they came in. Was nice to put some faces with SL names (those that are on there anyway).

Eventually we finished up and moseyed over to the other side of the lot to the actual spot. There were already a few other people there - so I got to meet a few more. The weather could have been a little more cooperative, but it wasn't awful. Just a bit windy and the wind had a little more of a chill than I'd like to have for CA. It was speculated that I brought NY weather with me... I think it must have just been jet-lagged though - because the first couple of days were awesome.

Even after we left there, we weren't done yet. Headed back to the Target when I stashed the rental and met up with a couple other people heading to a BJ's to catch a late night snack (ya, it was 11-ish at this point, so late night definitely qualifies).

What could we possibly be getting at 11pm at this place? It's called a Pizookie. And yes, if you break that down, you get "pizza" and "cookie." No, it's not a chocolate chip pizza... well, I take that back, it sort of is. Basically a big cookie cake (do they have those out here?) that is fresh from the oven, topped with a bunch of scoops of ice cream that melt all over the top of it. We ended up with a "platter" of it, so it was the size of like a medium pizza. You can even get different kinds of cookie.

It was delicious.

Eventually we got back on the road and went our ways home. It was just a bit after 12am that I got back to the hotel - and of course had to park in like the farthest damn spot away from the door. Then wouldn't it figure that it was raining this morning.