I was in four different airports today. Certainly more than I've ever been to in one day... and also two new ones that I've never been to previously.

My flights went from Elmira to Philadelphia to Phoenix to Oakland. The latter two are new for me. And considering that I've never been west of Oklahoma City (and even that shouldn't count considering the circumstances), this is a lot of "new" for me.

Flight out of Elmira went well. Was basically on time. Even departing PHL was on time. I had heard they occasionally have problems with that. I was thankful it went well. I was even able to grab a couple donuts on the way through the terminal...  and considering it was still only like 9am at that point and I had been up for 4 hours, I was happy to get some food. Only hiccup at PHL was that they apparently "oversold" the flight. So while we were waiting, they kept calling for volunteers to take other flights. I guess some went, I didn't really pay attention.

Flight out of PHL was OK... but it was LONG. About 4.5 hours in the air to Phoenix. Long for me anyway - I'm sure people that fly trans-oceanic flights would disagree... but who cares about them. It was a long time for me. Got through it with some tunes on the iPod and watched most of Public Enemies on the iPhone. Got the iPhone battery down to about 38% - and then decided to boost it up with the Mophie POS that I have. Got it up into the 70% area I think before it gave up. I didn't even completely recharge it. I was kind of disappointed there.

Flying into PHX was odd... I had never seen so many golf courses. I think they were partially the city of Tempe and partially Phoenix. There were a LOT. At one point I could count at least 5 in one area just looking out the window. And keep in mind, this is a residential area. They were all over the place. Didn't stay in PHX long though. Grabbed a burger at Burget King and didn't have to wait too long to board last flight to Oakland.

That flight was fine as well. I think I got pretty lucky. All window seats. No pains in the ass. Once I landed in OAK and picked up my bag, it was off to the rental counter... which was apparently like 5 miles away (no joke, literally at least that). I had my choice between a Chevy Malibu, Mitusbishi Galant, Nissan Altima, or Toyota Camry. The Camry is decent, but the Altima wins that matchup. The lady tried to sell me on the Camaro though - I ALMOST went for it. Would have been a decent price with the Corning discount - but I feel like I would have gotten some shit for it. Oh well. The Altima is pretty nice though... for what it is (lame automatic sedan).

Checked in the Hilton Garden Inn after just a few miles down the road and finally got to my room some 13 hours after I had left home (all Eastern time that is). I've been up since about 2am Pacific time.

There's more still... but this is too long anyway. Time to cut if off. Will share more later if you want to keep reading...

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