No, really, why bother?

If the FIA is going to make teams change things for not being in the "spirit" of the rules but still within the letter of the rule, why even bother having rules?

IMO, the FIA is basically saying "Yes, you followed the rule that we wrote - but we meant for you to do this instead."

So F-ING write it that way!

Specifically I'm referring to the latest news that McLaren, Mercedes and a couple other teams will have to modify their rear diffusers because a hole for the starter motor is too large. Of course the rules as written don't actually specify a maximum (or minimum, for that matter) size - but what they have now is too large. Um... what?

I understand that aerodynamics play a ridiculously huge role in developing a race car of this caliber... but how can you expect teams to just "interpret" what you really meant by every rule? Write the rules as they should be and then you won't have to force teams to change (very expensive) parts a week before a race.

Stupid FIA.

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