The scale may be bitch-slapping me in the face still... but I think I see a little difference in the mirror.

Jen and I have been going to the gym for nearly 6 weeks now and while the scale may still say 210-212, the mirror at least shows some progress. I seem to be growing biceps... maybe even some pecs... and god help us, but there may be a 4 or 5 pack of abs under the little gut that I still have.

Even if the scale isn't showing the results as much as I'd like so far, it's nice to at least see some progress. Makes sense at least... I've been hitting the weights/machines a bit more than Jen - though still 20-30 minutes on the bike each trip. So I would expect to see more muscle development than weight loss anyway... especially considering my diet.

Of course this is all still in its infancy. Hopefully things will continue to progress as we continue to go. No signs of us giving up or anything. I've even noted that my hotel in CA has a complimentary 24hr gym... so I should be able to keep up a bit while I'm away. If I can just make it there two times while I'm gone, I'll be happy. Who knows, maybe 3 times. Have to see how things play out.

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