My TV is supposed to be here Monday. Awesome.

Was thinking today to try and rearrange the living room. We have a pretty limited space and most of it is occupied by our couch. It's a 5 piece corner sectional... and while not incredibly huge, it is quite large in our living room. It is basically the firs thing we have to consider with furniture placement.

We previously had our TV in the corner on the stand that Jen's dad and I made... it worked quite well, but I figured with a new TV coming, why not mix things up? One side of our couch was also sectioning off the living room from the "entrance" or "office" ... which was nice - but also made the room feel even smaller.

We rotated the couch now so that the room opens up and then rotated the TV stand too so that it is now flat against on of the walls opposite the couch. Works quite well there actually. It's flanked on each side by a DVD stand and a floor speaker. Unfortunately our current 32" LCD doesn't really fill the space as much as it should.

Yay for giant TV coming on Monday!

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