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I haven't really shopped for games a lot recently... been busy with so many other things that gaming on my iPhone has really taking sort of a backseat, or trunk position, if you will...

In looking up travel apps the other day I thought I'd poke around a bit and see what else I could find. One of the top sellers I found is called Trenches. It's kind of a WWII trench warfare game. You (the British) are on one side of the field and the Germans are on the other. You work up to various squads of fighters. Like riflemen, snipers, mortar, artillery, etc.

The levels change by what you have to do and what you have access to. For example, level 1 is just fighting your way across the field with only riflemen. You go in and out of trenches as you pass them and have to blow up the German spawn bunker. One of the other levels, you have to hold off the German advances with artillery and poison gas for 3 minutes.

There are 3 levels (easy, medium, and hard)... and I kind of blew through the Easy in a short amount of time. Working through Medium right now and realizing how difficult this game actually can be. As soon as I get a couple squads together to advance the field, they get blown up by German artillery.

Anyway, the game is actually pretty cool. To me it has a little bit of a Fieldrunners feel to it (not the game play, the look and feel). It certainly provides a challenge though... I'm kind of getting used to that part.

I guess if I gave this a rating I'd call it a 4 out of 5. Loss of points from the drastic difficulty change from easy to medium (IMO anyway) and also for some graphical glitches in the background - which you can see below. Not a total show stopper - but annoying. But especially for $.99 (at this moment), it's a very cool game.

I would still call this one a "buy" though - even with the graphics problem. That will inevitably be fixed in an upcoming release.

Want to check it out?

iTunes Link: DOWNLOAD!
Current Price: $.99

Trenches for iPhone Background Problem

Trenches for iPhone Background Problem

Trenches for iPhone Background Problem

Trenches for iPhone Background Problem

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