I get to play with a whole slew of new iPhone apps!

Or at least try out a bunch of new ones. Not 100% sure what I'm going with yet... but considering I'll be in a new area and will need to track expenses and such, there are plenty of opportunities for new apps.

First few I'm looking at are these:

  • TripCase - Trying to arrange my travel plans in a simple way. Includes flight info (gate, arrivals, etc), hotel, rental car, etc. Have all of my stuff entered into this - will get to test the flight stuff out when I leave.
  • XpenseTracker - Apparently there are a ton of expense tracking apps. After reading around a bit online and checking iTunes, I went with this one to see how it is. Looks promising. I've had to track expenses before, but this will just give me a central way to know exactly what I spent and where. Instead of shuffling through receipts and trying to remember everything.
  • Where - Picked this up for being in a new area. Hopefully it'll show me some good eats and stuff around there. Also considering "AroundMe" for same purpose. Will probably go with both.
  • UrbanSpoon - I've already had this for a while - but figured it'll actually be useful for this trip.

I guess those are the only ones so far that would be specifically for this trip. I've read through a few of the 'iphone travel trips' kind of things around the internet and a lot of this stuff was pretty common. I'll be happy just to get a little more utility out of the phone and make my trip a little bit easier.

Will definitely be reporting back as I start to use things and what I think of them.

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