Oh wait... not "back" to Cali... but I am going to California.

The week of the 21st this month I will be going to California for work. It'll be for the whole week to do some IT stuff at one of our new sites. Not incredibly fun or anything - but it should be interesting.

I'll fly out Sunday the 21st and come back Saturday the 27th. Also the first time I'll be flying across the country - which I guess would be kind of obvious if I've never been to CA, right?

To me, the trip is most of the fun anyway. I'll get a rental car and get to cruise around after work. Hopefully get to meet up with some Scion people. Hell, maybe we'll even have a little Super Mod get together. Who knows.

Sadly won't have any long spans of time for fun and games - but to be honest, that's not what I'll be there for, so I can accept it. I'm happy enough to get a trip out of it. Travel plans are made. My bags are not packed... but I'm itching to work on them.

I've already been planning on what I'll need. And since I'll be on the plane so long, I've also been thinking about my electronics. That actually led me to look into a battery backup of some sort for my phone. I looked around online and it was really between some sort of external recharger or a full case that served as a backup battery. I eventually decided on the Mophie Juice Pack Air... it seemed simple enough and fit my needs. I already have a separate case but the biggest deciding factor was that I didn't want to have to carry around another battery pack. This way it is already attached to the phone - ready to go. I'll be sure to provide some thoughts after I get a chance to really use it.

It's going to be a nightmare to get the rest of my stuff in order. Have to make sure I have some computer repair stuff... CDs of this and that... tools, etc. Not to mention my usual cords and cables for MY stuff.

I better go add to my list...