Samsung PN50B860

Samsung PN50B860

For me anyway... if you have something nicer, good for you. This is something I've been talking about (probably nonstop) and/or planning for the last 3 years or so. A big-ass TV.

Right now I have a 32" Samsung LCD. It's not bad. Picked it up a year or two ago. It's a nice TV for what it is - but I basically bought it to get in the LCD game and with the intention of moving it into the bedroom when I upgraded. And really, it will be the perfect size for the bedroom (and will replace about a 26" CRT TV there).

So what did I get? Oh, it's a beauty... the Samsung PN50B860 50" Plasma TV. Samsung's latest plasma TV of awesomeness. Only 1.2" thick (seriously, think about that for a second, it's CRAZY). Everywhere I've looked has rated this ridiculously high in just about everything. The CNET review's only negatives were that it is "more expensive than thicker plasmas" and "no svideo input."

A) It's more expensive than thicker plasmas b/c it's so ridiculously thin and looks awesome.
B) No svideo input? Really? What is this 1998? Who cares?!

There's only one possible negative I can foresee... it might be TOO big. I know, I know, that doesn't seem possible. But it will depend on the amount of space around it, right? Well at least it will make a hell of a focal point in the living room!

Oh... how much? Well I ordered from and got a crazy good price. Amazon had it for $1580 - but would have to pay tax and shipping (if I wanted it anytime in the near future) so the total was like $1760 or something after all of that. hooked up for $1499 with no tax and free shipping. Since I was saving on the shipping/tax, I picked up the Square Trade 3 yr warranty with it for $175. Just in case. Out the door... $1674. Estimated delivery by this Friday, 3/12.

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