When we moved into our apartment they were nice enough to refinish our bathtub. I guess it was just that time. It was supposed to be one of those finishes that lasts forever. Makes the tub look like new (it really did).

Fast forward nearly two years later and this so called "lifetime" finish has cracks. Two of them actually. Not only that, but one of the cracks is starting to chip already. They are only about the size of a nickle or a quarter (the cracks, not the chips) but they're growing.

That was about 2 weeks ago. When I realized they were going to be a problem I called the landlord and gave the info... kind of a "I don't know if you can do anything about this or not, but here's what's going on..." thing. Then I never heard anything. Not a single thing back (it was a voicemail that I left, btw).

Then today - a phone call at work. "Hey, we're going to have the tub guy stop by and take a look at that problem. It's supposed to be a lifetime finish. Then he'll let us know what we can do about it." Oh, OK. Someone will stop by and take a look. Then we'll find out later if they're going to fix it or not. Fair enough.

I skip out of work early at 4pm (to get a UPS package actually) and come home to find the tub guy still there - fixing the tub. Apparently not really so much with the "we'll let you know what we can do" and more of just fixing it. As nice as that is, it meant that without any advance notice, we now cannot use our tub/shower for a full 24 hours. Lame.

So we showered at Jen's parents tonight. And it will probably kill me to not be able to shower in the morning. I hate not showering in the morning. Feel dirty. Not comfortable. Not to mention barely awake. But at least our tub is fixed now I guess. And we'll be able to use it tomorrow night after we go to the gym.


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