When it comes to autox, I would call it one of the very few things that I truly enjoy doing anytime I get to do it. Even on a bad day I'm still having a good time.

Normally every year you would try to improve in some way - whether it is the car or the driver or both. Usually you try for both. It's common that many drivers spend their off season buying parts, prepping the car, just getting setup for a long season to come. The past few years have contained a lot of that for me. Each year I would end up with something majorly new and hope that it improves what I'm doing.

This year is a little different. Nothing really incredible coming. I'll have new tires of course. And probably some new brake pads. But that's about it. Oh, and a special Dan Gardner Spec Progress Sway bar for the rear. It's a solid 25mm adjustable bar with adjustable endlinks. Though I have to say I'm not sure if I should really expect any performance benefit from it. My current rear sway bar is 27mm (but hollow) and also adjustable. So I might even out there going from a larger hollow bar to a smaller solid bar.

Anyway, that's really all I'm doing differently. This year will really just be about driving and having fun. Why? Because there are already sugar plums dancing in my head looking forward to my next vehicle. Be that in 2011 or 2012, I don't want to dump a truck load of money into a car I'm going to be getting rid of in the near future.

Sure, I could probably take off and sell whatever else I put on the car - but that's just a PITA. Skip.

Am I still going to try to win and be competitive? Absolutely. And hopefully in the process I can improve upon the guy behind the wheel.

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