Craigslist scammers. Fucking scammers.

It used to be pretty easy to tell if it was a scammer - they'd come right out and ask if you would ship it to their brother or sister in Africa working with the Red Cross.

Riiiight. DELETED!

Then they changed a little. They would send an email and ask if you still have something because they're interested. Of course you're going to reply b/c it could be totally legit. You never know. Well, OK there are some ways to tell, but anyway. You get a reply back asking if they'll ship it to their brother studying in South Africa or some shit like that. Oh, your brother? He's studying in Africa somewhere? Good for him. No, he can't have my stuff and I won't ship it to him. Piss off.

One the best ways to tell it's a scam in either situation is that they want to pay via Paypal (and even give you a helpful link if you want to sign up - that part is legit though, not a phishing link) and offer you some ridiculously high amount to ship the item on top of the price you're paying. This is even if you specify in big bold letters - NO SHIPPING.

Anyway... funny situation today, got the same "i'm interested" kind of email this morning about Jen's ring that we put on Craigslist. I replied, of course. But this time... "Tamera" just wants to pay me an extra $60 to ship it to Chicago. Just a random number there huh?

I jokingly replied on how they're getting better with their locations and it's not a "sister in africa" this time. Then I noticed something else: "Tamera" has two emails.

The first came from (quite shady actually - zero results in Google - that's a sign). Her second email: No wonder "Tamera" wanted to use a different email address the first time - this one turns up a TON of hits for scamming people on CL. Fail.

I wonder how many things I can sign Tamera up for today...

Here's a look at the emails from Tamera:

The first, from

I would like to know if the Item is still available?..get back to me ASAP

The second after I replied stating that it was still available. This one from

Thanks for your reply,however i have few questions on the product you are selling.
1,I would like to know the reason you are selling it..?
2,What is the current condition of the it..?
3,What is your firm price, though am okay with the listing price..?
4,Do you have the original box and the receipt for it ..?
5,Do you mind if i pay through paypal even though i will add an extra dollars to cover the shipping to chicago IL.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can do so by going to and set up your account it is free,easy and guarantees transaction safety.Once you send me your paypal email account, I will send you the payment for your item as well as $60 USD to cover shipping via USPS EXPRESS MAIL overnight shipment
I would be glad if my request is favorably considered.

Notice that the actual product or item for sale is never actually mentioned. It's much easier to copy/paste this about a billion times when you don't have to change anything at all.

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