Scion tC RS 6.0

Scion tC RS 6.0

Look... Scion... we need to have a talk.

From all of us in the Scion community to you in the Corporate offices - STOP WITH THE SILLY RSs ALREADY. Just replace the damn tC. Or at least announce the damn replacement. You'll have a lot more happy customers than you will just dragging this out year after year.

It's nice that you still want to throw a few things our way - but this is just... sad. Let's take a quick look at what you have here.

  • Speedway Blue Paint (cool, but too little too late)
  • Flat Black Side Decals (F&F anyone?)
  • Alpine Touchscreen Nav
  • Color Matched Seats (not special seats, just different colors)
  • Color Matched Steering Wheel

Oh ya, that's it. The only thing that I DO understand about this is you kept the price down. Only comes out to be $18,620 MSRP. Thing is though that that is a lot of money for not much extra. Oh, and you also kept the production numbers down this time (only 1100 made). So that will hopefully just mean that production is slowing on the current tC to ramp up for the next gen? Please?

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