Tomorrow will finish off this years 2009/2010 tax season for me. My NY state refund should be deposited tomorrow morning and that'll be the last of my tax activity for this year.

The "pending" transaction has actually been in my checking account for 3 or 4 days, so I know it'll go through (not just guessing here). Thankfully I haven't really budgeted that money for anything specific (only $110 anyway) so it'll really just be absorbed into my account and build a bit of a cushion for day to day transactions.

I'm also contemplating what to do with my Corning stock. It is official that Corning will be ending it's employee stock purchase program this year and I'll need to have my money out by some time in 2011 (though no new transactions will take place past the end of this quarter).

I was initially planning to use that $$ as part of my house down payment - well, it looks like it's not going to stay in there long enough to use it for that. Ya, I could roll it into some other sort of "fund" or whatever - but I'd just end up pulling it out again anyway. Might as well sell off now - take the hit on the "capital gains" whatever and use it. This way I could at least pay down a credit card (or buy a TV?) and get some use out of it now.

Grr. Stupid money.

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