Let's review... we have two cats: Blacky and Orange. Blacky is a PITA. Orange is... odd. Here are more cat stories for you about Blacky and Orange.

We'll start with Orange. He has developed some strange habit of locking himself in our bedroom at night while we sleep. How is that possible? Easy enough for a cat to figure out anyway.

See, we leave our door open about a foot at night so they can get in and out. Orange has now learned that if he leans on the back of the door from inside the bedroom - it closes. That's interesting enough in itself (if only because he has does it just about every night for the last week) but the strangest part is that he puts himself in time out after he does it. How do I know this? He woke me up last night when he slammed the door - I got up to open it and let him out but the was sitting in the corner behind the door facing the corner. Literally just sitting there. In the corner. WTF right?

Now Blacky is a whole other problem. He's what I like to call a bit of an attention whore. Especially when he wants food. Just tonight he was pawing the corner of the couch as he normally does... except this time he had a reason. He started pawing at it... then slowed down and turned his head to look at Jen on the couch. This was really as if to say "Hey, do you see this? I'm fucking with your couch. If you feed me I'll stop."

Have I mentioned before that they both understand door knobs? Ya, it's not unusual for one of us to be in the bathroom and have a cat rattle the door knob to try to get it.

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