CNN Poll

CNN Poll

This might be one of the worst polls I've ever personally seen. Ya, that's really just an opinion and when you think about it, this particular poll probably excites a lot of people.

For me, it is basically like asking which one of my testicles I'd rather have crushed in a vice.

I wish that were an exaggeration.

I can honestly say that to this day I have not yet watched Titanic. I may have seen 2 or 3 minutes here or there in passing - but really, have never sat and watched the movie. I have no desire. It sinks. I know.

Avatar... well I'm just incredibly sick of hearing about that movie. They even had James Cameron and some of the cast on TV on some news show when I was running at the gym last night. It made me want to switch machines.

Now I might actually see Avatar some day when it comes out on disc ... but the incredibly ridiculous hype surrounding it (including people wanting to kill themselves after watching it because it was so awesome)... that just makes me want to not ever see it ever. Not because I fear that I'd kill myself - but because apparently it makes you retarded.

Anyway.. ya, great poll CNN... NOT!

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  • Tomas

    February 4, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Heck, “The Hangover” was better than either of those… :o)

    Seriously, just because critics turn handsprings over a movie or book does not mean that I will enjoy it. I’m an avid reader with over 3600 books in my personal library, and now with an ereader that I’m going through two or three books a week on. That does not, however, mean that I’ve read any recent “best sellers” off the NYT list.

    I pick and choose what I read or view, and in doing so I endeavor to select those things that I might enjoy. Just because a book or movie is “popular” doesn’t mean that I will enjoy it.

    You are right, Allan, that CNN poll is as in depth as asking “which of these two popular colors is better, blue or green?”