Mentioned this briefly on Twitter the other day... but Jen and I have officially joined a gym.

She tries to work out to some extent on a regular basis and I ... well, let's just say I've had to give away a lot of nice clothes that I just didn't fit into anymore. 🙂

So I started looking into a gym (because I'd rather work out regularly to maintain my body than change what I eat). There are two big ones here. There's the "Y" ... but too many people IMO. And it's not cheap. Jen used to work there too, so that's a bit weird. Plus, I've heard it is usually full of little kids running around everywhere. No thanks.

The next option is Healthworks. That's supposed to be a really nice place - but it's like $80/mo per person. Fuck that. Even with a 50% reimbursement employee discount, it would still end up being close to $100 for the two of use per month. WAY too much IMO. And the reimbursement would be dependent on going at least 21 times per quarter. Not awful, but still a restriction of sorts.

The other game in town is new. I may be wrong on this, but I'm thinking they only recently opened within the last couple years. The other game? Snap Fitness. They're on Market Street.

Checked them out and a single membership is $40/mo. Joint membership is only $55/mo. Oh, and they also do the 50% reimbursement for Corning employees. So not only is it WAY cheaper up front, but I might get back about $20/mo based on a single membership (only my part would be eligible, Jen is not a Corning employee). If that works out, it would only cost us about $35/mo for both of us. That's insane!

They're open 24 hours. Have mostly new gear. And they seem really nice. We stopped by on Monday when they were staffed to talk to someone. Didn't seem that bad so we signed up. Here's where they get you though - there's a $50 "enrollment fee" and a $15 "access card fee." That's acceptable though - they have to make some money off of those people that sign up at the beginning of the year, show up for 2 weeks and then quit.

Hopefully though, we don't become those people.

Being open 24 hours, we decided late evening (me) or very early morning (Jen) would be good times. When we first stopped by it was pretty busy - but that was around 6pm and everyone went right after work. We went back later that night around 9pm for our first round and there were only 2 other people there. Perfect.

I wasn't nearly as sore the next day as I expected - but I'm not sure that is a good thing or a bad thing. Tonight will mark our second visit. Hopefully this all works out OK and we get into a regular rhythm. I would kind of feel better about myself if I knew I was actually giving a shit about my body. I may treat it to some of the least healthy things I can find - but that's OK if I work it off, right? 🙂

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