Our Cats are Weird

We have two cats. Let's call them blacky and orange. They have actual names, but my girlfriend changes them enough that I seriously don't know what they're called this week. So we're going to go with blacky and orange.

Lately they've been getting a lot more playful and have actually been using some of their toys (they have a lot of them - all over the place). It seems though that blacky has taken a liking to one particular mouse. It's one of those little cheap ones that has rattly things inside of it and this specific one also has a colorful fake feather for a tail.

He'll play for a an hour with that mouse. Throwing it up in the air, carrying it around the dining room, batting it from here to there... whatever he wants. Well our cats also have this habit (as all cats do) of losing their toys. Whether it be in the kitchen under the fridge or in the hallway under the laundry room door.

Last night we had just gone to bed and blacky decided there was something in the laundry room that he wanted - so he felt some strange desire to just climb onto and paw at the door to try to get in. Oh, and he was definitely whining about it.


I get up to go look, he runs away from the door as I open it. There I find his favorite mouse and two other plain mice with it. I had one immediate thought the moment I saw the three of those mice in there together.

"Hmm, it looks like he sent those other two in there after it."

Now I realize that doesn't sound very funny - but it seems entirely plausible (knowing how blacky behaves) that he batted his favorite mouse under the door accidentally and then in a fit of frustration purposely sent the two other plain mice under the same door in the hopes that they could retrieve his precious colorful mouse.

Well they didn't. I had to save the day.

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