Nearly Completed!

If this post is live, I'm almost done with my hosting migration, I think.

For this domain anyway. I wanted to start with my website in case anything went wrong. Then it would be my own fault and only a problem for my stuff. Once it is working I will work on migrating Jen's and her mom's sites.

Kind of a PITA for my stuff, but those should be easier. I hope.

For the record... I migrated from ArteryPlanet to GoDaddy. Saving a few $$ and getting a LOT more storage space and data transfer.

Oh... looks like I need to fix my galleries.

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  • ack154

    February 2, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Galleries fixed. Now working on transferring rest of the data from the old server to start the migration of everything else tomorrow. Have another week or two before my other hosting expires to get this all completed.