My federal tax refund was deposited this past Wednesday. It is already gone.

Now I just have to wait for my NY tax refund. That's only $110, but everything helps.

I didn't even receive notice that NY had accepted my return (electronically) until 1/25 - five days after I actually filed. At that point H&R Block directed me to check the NY Taxation and Finance website for status, but every time I did it told me that status updates would be available in late January. Uh, hello, the 25th IS late January.

Anyway, logged on again today to check my NY refund status and finally, the website was available. I enter all of my info and get this:

We received your return and it's in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.

OK... so when do I get my money? Two weeks from when? The 25th? Or now that I can see the update? Grr. I want my money!

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