My idiot light is starting to nag me. Stupid Maintenance Required. Yes, I know. Stop blinking at me!

Thing is that my oil change is definitely due but I've got quite a few other things that really need to be taken care of soon. I'm not very good at maintenance intervals aside from the oil changes. I'm more or less referring to my transmission there though.

I did replace the fluid a couple years ago with some Redline MT-90, but it has to have been another 30k since I did the first flush. And I'm not sure if it was even flushed before that. I had scheduled maintenance done at the dealer - but don't know if it was ever flushed by them or not. So worst case, my transmission has only been flushed once in nearly 80k miles. Fail.

Today I ordered another 3 quarts of MT-90 from JEG'S. They were a few $$ cheaper than Summit Racing - where I bought it before. Need to get this done before autox this year but would like to flush that when I do the regular maintenance in a week or two.

Also on the agenda are spark plugs. And of course those aren't cheap either. These particular Toyota engines use Denso iridiums as OEM plugs (leagues better than the stupid platinum 4 crap you get at autozone). So they're about $10 each - but yay for only a 4 cyl engine. But there goes another $43. These OEM plugs are supposed to be good for around 100k miles but I'm going to be replacing them right around 80k. Figured that I might as well get it out of the way now - especially if they help with the efficiency and such.

Now... all I have to do is find a place and a time to get all of this crap done.

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