I already mentioned Archer the other day on FX... but almost forgot about two other shows that just got into new seasons and you should be watching.

Chuck has returned to NBC for Season 3. Good stuff. A lot of it is quite corny and sad - but the show really isn't awful. Plus, who doesn't love Adam Baldwin in this? Really? And let's not get started on Sarah.

It should suffice to say that you should be watching Chuck. At least give it a try. Check out Hulu if you want to pick up on some back episodes.

What else has sprung up in this very early spring TV season (being optimistic with the 'spring' idea here)? Burn Notice on USA. Michael Westin is back with Sam and Fiona in Miami... also for Season 3 actually - though I think this is like Season 3 part 2, since Season 3 started some time last year. That's what Wikipedia says anyway.

Either way, give them a try. Along with Archer, these two are also staples of my DVR schedule. Oh, and Mad Men... but that won't be on until some time in the summer / fall time frame.

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