Checking my Credit Karma today like normal. Finally saw a couple changes... well a couple more that I haven't seen in a while.

My credit "score" went up 5 points. So that was nice. Using their simulator though, I don't have a whole lot of hope for it going up much in quite a while. That could be a bit inaccurate though - there really is no way to know exactly how it will respond to some changes.

The other thing to change that surprised me was that my "hard credit inquiries" went down - from 2 to 1 inquiry. I think both of those are inquiries for Personal Loans through CCU (which were denied). I think I just tried there two years in a row and those are the inquires I still have. Kind of gave up on that option though. Just not worth it.

The only other thing I think has changed is my credit utilization percentage. That has gone down mostly - but then back up a little. Discover had raised my limit which then lowered my utilization percentage - but then I bought a couple suits, so it used some of that new-found open credit. That then brought the percentage back up a little.

That percentage should be dropping down a bit more as soon as a couple other changes show up on my report. Actually, I don't think my collection account has any affect on that - so it probably won't matter. But the Chase account that will be paid off on Thursday will make a difference. A $400 one.

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