Did something different this year with my taxes.

I filed without my W2... *gasp*!!

What do I need it for anyway? I'm good at math. I can figure things out. I have all stuff from the past years returns. I just compared numbers on last year's W2 and last year's tax filing and figured out what I needed to fill in.

So I was able to figure out my W2/income numbers. I received my 1098-E from AES. Was able to pull my 1099-INT info from CCU. Also had to pull 1099-DIV info from my stock. These numbers are easy. And that is all I needed. Done. Taxes filed.

Well actually my taxes are filed as of Tuesday (1/19). I was able to check the Where's My Refund page today and got this as an answer:

We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless we find mistakes or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 2, 2010.

This was after getting notice from H&R Block that the IRS accepted my return yesterday. When I was first thinking about it, I thought this was actually quite a risk in filing early like that... but the more I thought and talked to people, not such a big deal. Andrew mentioned that that is what tons of people do going to H&R Block anywhere (or anywhere). Just take in their year-to-date pay stub and any other documents. Makes sense.

Can't say there's no concern on my part though... cause there is. It would suck to have a problem with it or get audited or something like that - for no real reason. Oh well.

Here's to hoping I don't have to wait until 2/2 for my $955.

EDIT: Worth noting... last year I filed my taxes on 1/23. Received my refund in my bank account on 1/30. I'm thinking I may not have to wait until 2/2.

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