I'm working on the "more money" part. Eventually.

Today I was able to schedule my final collections payment of $500. FINALLY.

It has taken almost 4 years... and about $7000, but I'm officially done. And I now officially will have $250 more per month to pay other things. Specifically most of that will to my other credit cards. Even if I don't use the full $250 to pay those down, I'll be able to make a lot more progress than I have been.

It'll be even better after I pay off my Chase account from my goalsharing money next month. Should only be about $325 or so by the time I actually go to pay it off and the payment is only a min of $21 per month - but I've been paying $100, so it'll make a difference.

Then a couple other little things will be paid off. Hospital. 401k loan. My fancy seats. All will be paid between taxes and goalsharing. Then I can really get the other credit cards taken care of. This is all in preparation for buying a house of course... some day.

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