There is already a College Football Hall of Fame. Why do we need anything more than that?

Are the people at the original CFHoF racist? Are blacks (or other races) not allowed in there? Is there discrimination we don't know about? No? Then could someone explain to me (like I'm 5 years old and don't know what you're talking about) why we need a Black College Football Hall of Fame?

I'm honestly asking because I really do not understand the concept. I really would like someone to explain this to me if they can. WHY do we need this?

And if we have a CFH0F for "black" players... can we just rename the other one to the White College Football Hall of Fame? No? I didn't think so... Cause that would be "racist" right? And having one just for black people isn't? Oh ok, that makes perfect sense then . . .

So why on this planet we call Earth do we need one JUST for black people? And if we do... when do we get the Hispanic College Football Hall of Fame? Or as the title suggests, the Samoan College Football Hall of Fame? I'm sure there are a lot of our Samoan friends on the west coast or anywhere else that would love to get their own Hall of Fame. Why not? Everyone is doing it right?

To make one thing clear... I wish to take nothing away from any of these people or what they have accomplished... this just makes no sense to me.

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