Stupidity Defined

So the Nexus One is a cool phone. It's brand new, has the Google rep behind it, runs the latest Android version, etc, etc, etc.

You can buy one on contract with T-Mobile for $180. Really not a bad price for a phone of that nature and of that power. If you'd like to use it on another GSM network (AT&T? Well, minus the 3G part anyway) you can buy an unlocked directly from Google for $530 (plus tax). That's pretty normal. Any other off-contract, full-featured smartphone is going to run about the same.

But could someone explain to me why they have been selling on eBay for $600 or more? Even as much as $800 and $900. Who is buying these? I've read through the auction listing... it's not like you're getting two of them. And you're not getting a free netbook with them or anything. It is ONLY for a new, unlocked, Nexus One. Exactly like the one you would get from Google.

Are these people just stupid? Do they think that these are limited or something? I even checked Google's site - and they're shipping right now. They're not even backordered or anything. What the fuck is wrong with people?