I was just checking into some tax things this week. Ya, I know we're not even through the first week of the new year - but I want my money ASAP!

My student loan interest should be available a week from tomorrow. I should eventually receive interest/dividend notices from CCU and for my stock. Those don't take look. Last year I waited the longest for my W2 from Corning. That arrived on the 23rd and I had already started my return by then so just plugged in some numbers and *poof* they were done.

I'm hoping it will all go that easily this year as well. I can't think of any major changes or differences from last year to this year - so I should have exactly the same documentation and such.

Last year I got back about $1000. I think I have projected to get back nearly the same amount this year - though I have yet to really find out. I may start my return on H&R Block's site and see where I end up before having all of the exact numbers.

Now when it comes down to what to do with the $$... I'm far from having that figured out. I have an idea on what it will be going towards - but I don't know exactly yet. I wasn't expecting to get this back so soon (was thinking more towards the end of February) so I have to plan accordingly. Do I pay off all of the little ones now and get them out of the way - or the one big one?

If I pay the little ones first it will mean more usable income each paycheck... which is nice. But the big one would be nice to have paid off to not worry about it anymore. Guess we'll just have to see what happens and how much I get.

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