Our Time Has Come!

First of all, I'd just like to say thank you.

Thank you to AT&T for sticking in there and coming through. As of just this evening (seriously I just noticed this like 15 minutes ago) we now have 3G service in Corning. Now I can really use my iPhone even more. Yay for unlimited data.

I feel a bit bad for people in the metro areas that have clogged tubes though. I doubt there are many AT&T customers around here at all... but hopefully now there won't be some crazy rush for them now. It's been common knowledge that AT&T has crappy service around these parts - now that will change.

Jen and I were at the AT&T store on Saturday to port her Verizon number over... while we were there the clerk person assured us that 3G would be turned on "literally any day now" and that the hardware was already in place.

I hoped this was true "insider" information and it really would be any day - but mostly I thought this was just more propaganda to keep people on their side. Guess he was telling the truth... no more than 4 days later and here it is... honest to goodness 3G service.

My iPhone and I thank you, AT&T.