What is going on with Netflix? Do they just hate me? Do they not want to send me the movies I want? Am I watching movies too fast?

The top 4 movies in my queue are either Long Wait or Very Long Wait (3 of them are the latter). Yes, they're recent movies... but come on. You can't tell me THAT many people still are watching Funny People. It came out like 3 weeks ago! What is going on?

This reminds me of many of the rumors in the past that Netflix would start staggering your movies if you watch too many - likely on the assumption that you're just ripping/copying them (which I am not... this time). I just want to see the movies I want to see.

I have actually purchased two new movies in the last month because I didn't want to wait 6 months for Netflix to get around to sending them to me. I bought Star Trek a little while ago (which is awesome) and just this past weekend bought Terminator: Salvation (also awesome).

So as soon as Netflix gets to sending me Funny People, Public Enemies, The Hangover and Inglourious Basterds... I'll be waiting... if I don't go buy them all first. In the meantime, I'll be trying to enjoy the second rate movies I have backed up in the rest of my queue. I hope someone is really enjoying these new releases... cause I'm not.

Thanks Netflix. Thanks for nothing.

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