Just thought I'd share what plugins I'm currently running in my WordPress install. When I look for something as a plugin, I usually end up trying a few versions of something to find one that does more of what I want it to - so it may or may not be the "best" one for that job.

  • Broken Link Checker: Just want to know what's not working. Nothing more.
  • Lightbox Gallery: Admittedly, I haven't tried too many Lightbox plugins, but this is good enough.
  • My Category Order: This is a MUST have, IMO. So much easier than manually ordering them.
  • My Page Order: Ditto. I have a lot of separate pages. This is absolutely necessary.
  • NextGEN Gallery: I'm not entirely sold on this, but have so many things in it now, I don't want to screw it up.
  • Smart Youtube: Simple enough to just drop a Youtube link in and add another letter or two for a video. Easier than dealing with embed code.
  • Visitor Maps and Who's Online: Still toying with this. I don't get enough traffic to really rate it, but seems neat.
  • Stats: Simple stats showing what people looked at and how much. Simple, that's the key.
  • WordPress Related Posts: Again, simple. It shows posts that are related in a simple, clean format.
  • WP-SpamFree: I have not had a single spam comment since this was installed.
  • WPtouch iPhone Theme: Awesomely formatted theme that autodetects mobile devices.

That's all I have at the moment and they are all active and functioning in one way or another. If you're curious about any of them, feel free to ask. I usually try out new ones as I search for other features I want to have, so this may grow. These are my regulars though.

Oh... my theme... almost forgot. I use Javazine, which I got from Themeforest, plus some custom colors and changes. Me likes...