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Chrome Processes

Chrome Processes

Yesterday's praise of Google Chrome may have been a touch premature. I may have noticed this yesterday but not paid much attention.

Basically... Chrome is a memory whore.

How's that? Well right now, I have one Chrome window open with one tab and five extensions installed and enabled. There are currently SEVEN chrome.exe processes running for a total of about 150 MB of RAM usage.

WTH? That seems a bit unnecessary, no? If I close the window they do all go away - so it's not like there are processes stuck in the background from a previous crash or anything. These are all running at the same time. At home I don't so much care about that... 4 GB of RAM on a 64 bit system? No problem. Use as much memory as you want...

But at work, I was barely able to get 2 GB of RAM and trying to run Clarify with anything that likes RAM is like trying to squeeze a fat kid into a leotard.

So Google... what's the deal here?

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