When Google Chrome first was released I downloaded it and tried it out. It was speedy, but not for me.

I rely on too many things with Firefox that I cannot live without. Specifically some of the Firefox Extensions out there like Adblock Plus, Xmarks, etc. I can't browse the internet with ads anymore thanks to Adblock. It's ridiculous, the difference. Xmarks is awesome for syncing my bookmarks between systems.

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions

I'm currently running Xmarks on Windows 7 (Firefox and Chrome), Windows XP (Firefox and Chrome) and OS X (Firefox and Safari). So no matter which browse I'm using on ANY system, I always have my bookmarks. MUST have.

Well I finally decided to check out the new Chrome beta and its supported extensions. All of my necessities are now covered... Xmarks is in the game. Ad Thwart for ads. Even a Twitter app (Chromed Bird). Right now I'm running those three, plus ForecastFox, Woot, Cooliris, ChromeReload, and Gmail Checker. Oh, and a couple other minor ones that I'm playing around with.

So far... I like it. It's quick, simple. I get all of my extension alerts in one place. I have my bookmarks. I don't have ads. Good stuff.

One beef so far: I can't find a way to reorder the extensions bar. They just show up in some random order apparently - which may or may not be related to the order in which they were installed. There may be a solution to this out there, I just haven't found it. No big deal of course, but it would be nice to order them in some way that I desire.

EDIT: Afterthought: Huge plus for Chrome is the ability to install and activate an extension without restarting the entire browser (Firefox? I'm looking at you....).

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