Damn You MacBook!

Just when I thought I got all of my computer problems straightened out...

The "combo drive" (CDRW+DVDROM) in my Macbook decides to shit the bed. OK, so it's not totally dead - but it makes some awful noises and decides to randomly spit out a disc it's trying to read. Definitely a drive problem. Does the same thing in Windows. I wasn't even able to play Starcraft that I installed on it. Just ejects my disc. 🙁

eBay to the rescue though. $60 later and I have a replacement drive on the way. This time figured I'd go with a "superdrive" ... or what Apple calls a DVD burner. Damn things are expensive.

A new replacement drive is $100+ and some were as high as $200 depending on where you look (iFixit, I'm looking at you). With instructions from iFixit, it shouldn't be too hard.

I do this shit for a living... replace hardware in laptops I mean. I have no problem swapping a system board or a processor or display in a laptop. Sure, it's a smaller space, but patience and attention to detail is key. With an Apple though... it's a whole different ballgame.

Ok, maybe not. But it will probably be a bit different than most of the "Wintel" junk I tear apart all day.

Oh... and my Windows 7 freezing problem is STILL not fixed. Tried new video drivers. Didn't help. Also just now turned off Aero. Why am I thinking video issues? Well when I go to wake it up (and it just sits there like a dumb cow) I can hear a fan spin up in my case - which sounds small enough to be the fan on my video card. I don't know for sure, it's just another hunch. We'll see how it goes.

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