So in case you didn't know... I offered to get a website setup for Jen's mom's non-profit business (the Grief Center of the Southern Tier.

Nothing fancy. Just some WordPress love with a clean theme, nice banner, and an events plugin.

So I just did all of this over the past weekend and I've been waiting to see when the indexes would be updated and I'd start seeing it some search engines. Today appears to be that day... for some search engines anyway... decision engines? Not so much.

Google shows the site as the 4th result when you search for it's exact name (no quotes). Not bad for the first index and it really only has up to go from there. Thought maybe I'd check out a couple other places as well - only got to one though and got distracted.

I typed the same exact thing into Microsoft's new, fancy "Decision Engine" and not only was the new site not listed on the front page (or 2nd page, or 3rd page) but I found a rather interesting result.

The Southern Tier Brewing Company (link deliberately left out) actually showed up on the first page. Nothing like someone looking for some help to cope with the grieving and finding a brewery instead!

OK, so it's not all bad... a couple of the main words are in there... but you'd think it would be able to distinguish between the topics (grief and alcohol? oh, wait, I guess many people put those together, huh?).

You get the idea though. I really haven't given Bing a fair chance but these results make me a bit skeptical from the start. Just a weird random incident.

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