My brother doesn't have internet (last I knew anyway). He also doesn't buy stuff online (no Paypal account). He comes to me when he needs something and I go get what he wants. No big deal.

LED Tail Lights

LED Tail Lights

This week he wanted me to pick up some Christmas presents online. One of them is actually for him from his g/f. I guess she asked him to pick something out and order it up. I guess his choice is for tail lights for his current car (a 97 Accord). Despite my own better judgment, he really wanted some tail lights from eBay. The ones he decided on really aren't too bad... but I think I found something more scary than anything I've ever seen on eBay. Ever.

The absolute ugliest tail lights I have ever seen for any vehicle... ever.

You can see those lights in that pic above. Sadly I didn't even add the green. I don't know who thought that would be a good color - but just look at the lights. Wow. I can't tell if it is trying to spell something out. Is that supposed to be a Honda logo... and the letter D? Again.. WTF?

I can only assume that someone has actually purchased these... and maybe likes them? Otherwise they wouldn't be for sale.

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