Windows 7 Status

As I said last night, so far so good. Sort of anyway.

When I woke up this morning and tried to wake my computer (only have the monitor turn off after about 20 min - no screensaver), the monitor came back on and I could move the mouse - but it wouldn't do anything else. Just kind of sat there.

I could see my wallpaper but that was about it. I have my taskbar on autohide and it would not show up. Tried pressing power button the computer to make it shut down - nothing. Tried CTRL+ALT+DEL, nothing. CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, nothing.

Had to force it to turn off. Booted up OK and seems OK after that - but it was strange.

I've also been going through some Black Viper tweaks today. Nothing major. Disabled a couple services, turned UAC off, turned off some Windows components (Why the hell are the Tablet PC features installed by default?).

Just trying to optimize it and get things working the way I like.

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