Windows 7 Installed

Finally got my replacement hard drive (thank you WD warranty!) and was able to install Windows 7 Professional.

So far so good actually. When I ordered Windows, I also ordered up another 2 GB of memory to put me up to 4 total. Don't know if I REALLY need that much... but I am running the 64 bit version, so why not?

All said and done, the install was only about 20 minutes ... wait a second, only 20 minutes? Yes. I didn't believe it either. At this point I'm just spending a ton of time trying to get things back the way I like (I HATE how it uses the "users" folder to store everything. I keep having to move things around and fix them. Quite annoying.

In order to make things a bit more homey, I'm actually just working normally (playing on Twitter, playing with my WordPress) and finding things I'm missing or need to change. It's working well, but still a lot to do. Thankfully I have all day tomorrow to play more.

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