Thank You Apple

If you've been following along here, you may have read by now that I've set up both Jen and myself with Time Machine backups for our laptops. I have an external hard drive connected to the Airport Base Station which is configured to be our pseudo Time Capsule.

Sad part was that I hadn't ever gotten to use it. Ya, our stuff was backed up OK - but that's just it. We never needed to recover anything.

I finally got my feet wet in the recovery process last night.

Why did we have to restore from a backup? Well Jen has a few things that she needs to do for work that we couldn't get to work properly through OS X (some webinar type of things). I also tried virtualization and it still was not working properly. Figured I might as well put Windows on her Macbook via Boot Camp. But wait... it won't let me. That thing would not partition to save its own life.

A few months ago when we ran into this problem I figured I would fix it all when Snow Leopard came out.... but being the idiot that I occasionally am, I didn't do a clean install, so the HDD remained in its unpartitionable state. Until last night. I finally gave up and decided to reinstall completely - but in order to do that, I'd have to make sure she had a full backup completed.

Easier said than done apparently. Her system hadn't been doing any backups since I put SL on - something to do with what her laptop was named, apparently (it was long, had a couple spaces and an apostrophe). I found a few threads on the Apple support forums about the same issue. So I renamed her Macbook, deleted the old sparsebundle file on the Time Capsule and let it complete a couple backups overnight.

Finally last night, that had been completed and I could reinstall SL. Of course, I wanted to integrate her backup and do a complete restore... just from scratch so the drive could be partitioned. OS X made this ridiculously easy. I booted to the disc and selected Restore from Backup from one of the menus, made sure the system was on wifi and found the backup device, selected her backup, and clicked Restore.

About 4 hours later it was done. Good as new and nothing out of place. First thing I did though was go right to Boot Camp. That thing partitioned like a champ and I proceeded to put XP SP3 on it so she could do her work things at home when needed. Showed her how to switch between the two.


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