Life is hard... I know. You have a lot going on. Lots of things to worry about. Kids. Work. Money. Etc. Keeping all of that in mind, let's set a few things straight.

1) The general mailbox area is not your garbage can. Don't make the mailman or maintenance people throw out your trash. Just take the PENNY Saver and other crap into your apartment and throw them away like normal people. Leaving your trash around the building just makes you look like an inconsiderate asshole.

2) Parking. Maybe I'm a bit more anal about this because I actually give a shit about my car... but could we put a LITTLE effort into parking your car? Two things with this actually... STOP PARKING IN NON PARKING SPACES. You're getting in the way of everyone else and pissing me off. Also, is it so hard to just park your car STRAIGHT and in the MIDDLE of the space?

Yours Truly,
Apartment 103

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