OK Pizza Hut. We get it. You sell chicken wings now - though I'm still trying to figure out what "award" they have actually won.

I finally broke down and ordered a dozen 10 piece tonight. Got an order of medium traditional. The spice was about the only thing that seemed OK.

The wings themselves were on the small side and were pretty crappy IMO. The meat even wasn't that good. Was tender enough but something was really lacking. I just can't put my finger on it...

I'm by far no wing connoisseur... but these may actually be some of the worst wings I've had in this area. Just not very good at all considering the hype and advertising Pizza Hut is throwing behind them. Even for typical pizza place wings, they just not good.

Save your money.

Side note: Pizza Hut's iPhone app sucks. The only things you can order through their app are pizza, pasta, and wings. That's it. No breadsticks. No sides. No appetizers. Nothing. Sure, they'll offer you 20% off your iPhone order... but after you pay the $2.25 delivery charge (WTF?) it is worthless anyway.

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