Stay Away from Pigs

I got my flu shot today... no... not that flu shot. I don't care about that one. Just a normal, regular, everyday, kills thousands of people per year, flu shot.

Feels like this has been a really medical year for me. It's strange. With all of the talk before of my wisdom teeth being pulled and going to the dentist for fillings and cleanings.

And even beyond that, ending up with appendicitis and having my appendix out! What a trip that was...

Even little things like having blood taken for my Cholesterol earlier this year (free at work!). Oh, btw, my Triglycerides are high and my "good" cholesterol is a little low. I actually took the results to my doctor and was told I just need to exercise to get the good cholesterol up. Apparently my diet of "see food and eat it" is OK b/c she didn't say anything at all about changing that - even when I asked. Exercise is all I need.

I find that amusing. Jen hates it. Go figure.

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