I'm a Sinner

Jen and I went gambling tonight!

So one of the people at work was just talking about going to Tioga Downs and winning some money and it got me thinking that I have never actually been there. So... Jen and I decided to go tonight. Why not?

We each had $20 to play with. Signed up for their little club thing, which got us another $10 after we spend $10. So really, we had $30 each - but $10 wasn't ours anyway. Long story very short, I came out even and Jen was up $25 at the end of the night.

Was a good time. I made some money on Poker, a little Keno, and some other random slot machine. Sad thing is they only have machines there. So it wasn't like I was sitting at a table being a bad ass playing Hold 'Em or anything. I just pushed buttons. I was up to $32 at one point (from my $20) but didn't really care what I lost. Ended up cutting myself off at $20 after Jen won her big one. She was down to like $3 or something and then won $45 something on one of the machines. It was pretty cool. We took our +25 and went to Chili's for dinner.

We will probably go again too... So with this little club we signed up for, we can get another $10 for spending $10 if we go again within 30 days. So I think we'll go again in a while and see what happens.

Was fun at least. Side note, you'd be amazed what kind of people will use the valet when its only $3! I pity those guys having to get into some of those shitty vehicles. Wow.

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