I suppose I didn't officially post anything on our most recent event. So here you go...

We had a rallyx event outside of Syracuse (in Weedsport). Jen and I were up around 4-4:30am this past Sunday to drive 2 hours to the event. The course(s) was soft and rutted from the previous week's rain. Nearly not drivable... and in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have run at all.

They did at least have some equipment available to work on the course (couple rollers, tractor, backhoe) and it really did need it. They were out there multiple times through the day as holes developed and the course morphed into a car killer.

I lost every plastic splash guard under the front of my car. Most simply ripped off from the rough course or were dangling enough that I needed to rip them off to save more damage. As upset as I was that my poor car was now damaged in some way, a) it was still fun and b) they were just under carriage pieces with no noticeable damage to the actual vehicle - except two small latches on the bottom of the bumper - but my bumper is all chipped up and crappy anyway.

So... what was it like? Dirty. Rough. Fun. Hilly. Did I mention dirty? There is STILL mud on my car in some spots - even after a laserwash and hand spray wash. Videos? Of course I have videos!

Oh... and I was not the only one loosing pieces of my car. Probably half of the cars registered lost something. The worst of which was probably a new-ish Yaris that nearly had its entire bumper come off. Definitely more damage to his than mine. Felt bad - and definitely could relate.

How did I do? Well I got 2nd of 2 cars in the PF (Prepared FWD) class. The other guy was someone who autox's with us occasionally and runs in the SM class. I think he has a bit more power than I do but it's OK... was still fun!

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