We've all been through Driver's Ed at some point, right? Well, most people anyway. There should have been SOME instruction on the technicalities of driving at some point in each driver's life. At least I sincerely hope so.

It's too bad the rest of the world never paid attention when someone was explaining how to fucking merge onto the highway!

The concept is pretty simple. There's a ramp... with traffic from another road now moving into the same surface as other vehicles moving at a higher rate of speed. The idea would be to slip seamlessly into the flow of traffic with as little difficulty and disruption of this "flow" as possible.

Apparently this is easier said than done for a lot of people and makes me scream and yell in my car at people driving in front of me.

Rule #1: Make your intentions known. If you're coming from an on-ramp, put your turn signal on as you approach the highway. This lets the drivers on the highway know that you're going to be joining them shortly - though if they can't figure that out by the sight of a car coming towards them from the right side... fuck them. They're idiots.

Rule #2: Move WITH the flow of traffic. Do NOT try entering traffic going 20 mph slower than the traffic is flowing. If the speed limit is 65, plan on going AT LEAST 65 mph by the time you move over on to the highway. This makes things so much easier and is part of the reason many on ramps are made to go downhill. It's easier to get up to speed that way - but don't let that stop you from using the accelerator here. I feel like this concept should be pretty straightforward.

Rule #3: Pay attention! You are not "entitled" to move directly into traffic. Typically there is a Yield sign at the end of an on-ramp (yes, you usually just blow right by it). This means the highway has the right of way and you need to slip in when it is safe. So if someone is being a jackass and not moving over to the left lane - even though they could see you coming down the ramp from a 1/4 mile back and there is no traffic passing them - just slow down a but and tuck in behind them (and flip them off for being a dick). Trying to speed up and race to get in front of them isn't necessarily the best way to handle this situation though - do so at your own risk.

Rule #4: Ok, well, rule 4 is more for people on the highway nearing an on-ramp. Don't be an asshole. If you see someone is merging - at least be considerate enough to allow the person some space. First and foremost - if there is no one to your left and no one approaching you on that side quickly.... MOVE OVER. Again, don't be that asshole who won't move and forces someone else to react to your idiocy. If you see the person coming and move over ahead of time, this process will happen a lot smoother for everyone involved, trust me. If you have no where to go consider speeding up a tad or slowing down a bit - depending on if you're already towards the front or rear of the other car. Again - common courtesy here is nice.

This really should not be as difficult as I witness people make it every day. You have probably been driving for years now - and like I said, should have had SOME sort of formal training in this - if only for a few hours.

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