I've been fighting myself lately to try to use Safari more on my Macbook (as opposed to Firefox).

Firefox has all of the extensions and options that I like (and am used to) but Safari is a great browser and feels a bit faster many times on my Macbook. I've been trying to become more used to it lately and see if it'll do what I like and am used to on Firefox.

One thing that has been bugging me is that there is no obvious option to open links with a "_blank" target in a new tab. Ya, I could COMMAND+click it or right click it, but that gets old after a while - not to mention that I don't always know which ones are going to do what. OK, I could look at Safari's status bar and see what it is going to do - but I don't always think to do that. Instead it is much easier to just set all of them to open in a new tab. That's just how I like it (Firefox has an option for this out of the box).

A quick Google search turned up this random blog post with a quick Terminal tip to give me what I want. So props to whoever put that up, as that was the first helpful one that came up.

Basically you just exit Safari and open Terminal, then type this and hit enter:

defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

Then you can close Terminal and open Safari and try it out. Perfect!

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