Jen's parents took us out to dinner last night for her birthday (yes, it was yesterday). We had a nice dinner at the Olive Garden (I was STUFFED).

Afterwards Jen and I decided to go over to Toys R Us... because, let's face it, toys are awesome.

I ended up finding a couple more tC diecasts. One of them was a small-ish Jada DubCity tC, in black. Not even riced up! Was a nice find. Another was a Hot Wheels tC that was also a bit larger than your average Hot Wheels/Matchbox - I actually already have one of these that I found online - but two is better than 1 when you want to open one and play with it. 🙂

We moved on to video games and were browsing there... no specific games I was looking for. I mean, I'd really like to pick up Need 4 Speed Shift... but at $60, I'd rather wait and spend that kind of dough on Gran Turismo 5. I ended up in the Rock Band / Guitar Hero area and found a killer deal.

The offer was that if you bought a Guitar Hero 5 "bundle" (which included the game and a guitar) you get a Guitar Hero World Tour "bundle" for free. So spend $100, get a $70 game for free. I'm in.

But wait... there's more! Act now and also get a copy of Guitar Hero Van Halen for free with the purchase of Guitar Hero 5 (in 4-6 weeks). No, really. Buy one game (GH5) and get GH:WT and GH:VH for free!

Ya, I bought it. 🙂

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